Giveaway: FREE .cloud Domain Name

Giveaways हमेशा मुझे लुभाने लगे हैं, इसलिए मैंने विशेष रूप से BloggingIdeas पाठकों के लिए giveaways पेशकश करने का फैसला किया। आशा है कि आप इसके बारे में भी उत्साहित हैं, आइए आइए अपनी किस्मत आजमाएं और मुफ़्त जीतें। पूर्ण 1 साल के लिए मुफ्त डोमेन नाम। चूंकि ब्लॉगिंग ऑनलाइन पैसा बनाने के लिए एक

How to install and configure NGINX on CentOS 7

Installing NGINX on CentOS 7 Step 1: Turning Apache off Every major Linux distribution comes packages with Apache by default; its literally integrated into the OS by now (similar to how Windows comes packaged with IIS natively). However, since we are setting up a dedicated space for NGINX, its possible that the existing Apache configuration

How-to: Setup MySQL and PHPMyAdmin on a VPS.

MySQL is a powerful open source Relational Database used by many dynamic websites across the internet. Originally developed in 1994 by Michael Widenius and David Axmark. MySQL was originally corporately sponsored under the name  MySQL AB. In 2008 MySQL AB was acquired by Sun Microsystems. In 2010, Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems. However MySQL is released under the GNU

Meta Tags – Its Best use for SEO

What is a meta tag- Meta tags is an element which is used basically in HTML (Hyper Text MarkupLanguagee)  coding documentation, it provides structural metadata of the website. It will describe and represent the basic keyword and web content at the time of searching matter and topic related to your website or web page.  Meta