Six reasons to move your website to WordPress -CMS

Being a small-business owner is often a matter of an ability to think critically and to take decisions quickly. One of the main first decisions you’ve made particularly if your company is digital, was regarding your website.

You may have employed someone to design your site according to your specifications and soon after, you’ve received your final product.

Six reasons to move your website to WordPress




Great! What next? How do you change this outdated title or create a new page for the product you’re developing? How do you add or modify images to your product’s galleries? Is your website SEO friendly? Does it have security?

And many more are the next questions that will strike your brain like an Death Star particularly if the developers didn’t provide you with any kind of documentation. You’ll need to depend solely on them to implement the necessary changes, which will cost you time and cash.

Are you in this situation? Do you want to migrate your current website to a web-building platform that allows you to use only a little experience in web development to create and maintain your site?

While there are numerous amazing platforms for creating websites but one stands at the top of the business and, without question, will be the ideal choice if you’ve got little to no experience in how to construct and maintain your site. This is, of course about WordPress.

What exactly is WordPress

There’s not a single person working in the field of website development who isn’t aware of WordPress. If you’re not yet – WordPress is a completely free open-source, open-source content management system (CMS). It lets anyone control the most crucial element of their site the content, and with no IT knowledge.

It’s the most used website-building platform, with over 42.9 percent of the two billion websites around the world use WordPress. It’s estimated that a new site built using WordPress is online every two minutes.

Today, over 14.73 percentage of all the 100 top websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Some of them include: BBC America, The Next Web, The Walt Disney Company, Fauna and Flora International The official website for Sweden, Harvard University Gazette, Realtor, and many other.

If this isn’t sufficient reason to make the move immediately to WordPress Here are the reasons WordPress is the best option for you.

WordPress is free

One of the major benefits that comes with WordPress is that it’s almost entirely free. There are certain themes and plug-ins which require a fee but, overall when you are on a tight budget for transferring your site then WordPress is the best option.

Some other website building platforms offer subscriptions or paid-for services, and most of them require their own hosting. With WordPress you are able to choose the hosting provider you want to use and choose the location to store your site’s information based on the quality and cost, not the builder you have to choose to.

For instance, WordPress works fantastic with our Fast, Secure and reliabl Web Hosting. With it, you’ll get everything your site will ever require:

  • Improved web Hosting solution for WordPress
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  • WordPress is extremely simple to utilize.

Administration Interface

A further advantage of WordPress over manually-built websites is the user-friendly administration interface, which enables users with little or no knowledge of building websites to design a truly attractive website. Its admin interface is very easily navigated and, even if this is the first time you’ve visited any admin site, you’ll be able to find everything you require.


With customization you can easily alter the appearance of your site by selecting predetermined options like the visual theme. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s a bit basic but if you’re looking for an easy-to-manage web site, don’t have a budget and you require it to be functioning and up and running today is an ideal option.

To create a fully functional and attractive website, all you have to do is to set up a premium graphic theme. If you want to include a page-building tool such as Gutenberg, Elementor, or WP Builder.

In the end, WordPress is the ideal site to start learning about website functions and gradually increase your capabilities until you don’t require the standard customizations, but instead create your own modifications.


If your goal is to build an online platform that is driven by content, WordPress has absolutely no rivals. The addition of galleries, blog posts, videos, pictures and more can be done in a few simple clicks, no matter your previous experiences.

WordPress can be expanded

When it comes to personalization and expansion, WordPress, without a doubt, is unrivaled. With over 31,000 visually appealing themes and templates for pages The platform is at the top of the line in terms of customization. The great thing is that the majority of them are free or at the very least, the option of a free version. Naturally, if you wish to fully experience the potential of a theme that is visually appealing you’ll need to buy it, however the costs aren’t an item that isn’t affordable..

If you want to go further then, you can download an efficient component such as the drag-and-drop site builder. It allows you to build a completely unique website as per your design.

The actual customisation, however, is through plug-ins. With over 60 million plug-ins to choose from you will be able to achieve any function you’re looking for. In addition, the plug-ins enable you to enhance the performance of your website and provide you seamless integration with key SEO as well as SMM and other tools of digital marketing.

Although many plug-ins can enhance the features of your website and enhance its interaction Some are essential for the success of your site. This is for instance the analytics plug-in that connects your website with Google Analytics, the contact form plug-in, as well as it’s SEO plug-in.

In actual fact there are ten of the top most well-known WordPress plug-ins, you will find two contact forms and one analytics plug-in, as well as three security along with two SEO-related plug-ins.

The transfer of your website to WordPress will let you seamlessly link it with other platforms you use for your brand and upgrade your security. improve your SEO and also add new functions to your websites.

WordPress has SEO-friendly features.

Imagine that almost 50% of all websites to be on an unfriendly platform that’s not SEO compatible? WordPress is more than the limits of. With one plug-in, you will be able to not only get immediate care of your SEO however, you can know more about Google’s guidelines to get to the top spot. Yoast SEO is the most well-known and well-known plug-in of ever. It’s been used on more than 5 million sites and the features it provides tell you precisely how to modify your website’s content to increase chances of becoming Google’s top-ranked site.

Additionally, you can improve your website’s speed by minimising CSS, and JS code, enhancing the images, and regulating the cache of your site, all with a single plug-in. Even more impressive is that there’s at most twelve that will perform the job perfect. Yet, despite all this plug-ins only take only so far if do not have a reliable hosting service.

In addition, Search engines love security and WordPress provides the top security features available. WordPress is famous for its high-end security measures, and in 2021, it thwarted more than 86 billion malicious attacks against passwords. Additionally, it stopped over 18 billion attempted attempts at stealing information in the month of June 2021 alone which means that WordPress can always be one of the top security platforms for hackers.

Even if your SEO may not a problem at present because of Google’s continual updates, you have to remain on top of the game. With WordPress plug-ins continually updating, you’ll be able to adhere to their recommendations and stay at the top of the list all the time. Even if you’re particularly interested in SEO the huge increase in security is an incentive to change your CMS.

WordPress is extremely flexible.

Scalability is among the most crucial factors in your enterprise. Naturally, as your business expands and your website expands, it should do so as well. WordPress is the ideal platform for this job because its versatility, ease of use, and easy integration of new features make it the ideal choice for a rapidly growing company. If you choose to set up an online shop in addition there are plug-ins which let you do this quickly and securely.

In addition, the size and the amount of your content is determined by your hosting service and not by fees that are imposed by the platform that builds websites as well as additional clauses that are hidden and other annoying aspects. No matter how large your site gets, WordPress, with some plug-ins’ assistance, will improve it enough to ensure that the user experience doesn’t be affected.

WordPress Support is beyond outstanding

Without doubt, the greatest WordPress benefit over other CMS or web-based creator is the community. Everything that can occur to your site can be solved by WordPress’s forums as well as blogs written by third parties.

The community that runs this open-source platform is extremely active and support isn’t tied to lengthy waiting, submitting tickets, and problems that sit in queues, but rather looking for an answer. If there isn’t one it is possible to post a question that is open to the public. The community will be quick and effectively. For all we know, the 750 million heads of people are more than one when it comes to solving an issue.

Thanks to our included Technical Support Our WordPress hosting plans the ideal place to begin your search for technical support. Our support team isn’t available 24/7 however, they are also eager to help with any problem you may be facing.

Should you consider migrating your site to WordPress?

The answer is simple: yes. The faster you get it done and the faster you’ll reap all the benefits this web building platform offers increase your website’s speed as well as security and SEO performance. Furthermore, you’ll have a flexible CMS system and a website builder that you can choose from thus the chances of success are limitless when compared to your current website.

If you’re looking to speed up the speed of your website and security, VisualWebTechnologies will be happy to help. Contact us today!

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