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CyberPanel VPS Hosting

Ultra-Fast, Preconfigured CyberPanel VPS server with Instant Setup. Enjoy our Low-Cost CyberPanel Servers. Control all that your VPS server needs. Easy Backup and Restore. Auto Installer. WordPress Staging. Web-Based Terminal, and more. .

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Linux CyberPanel VPS Hosting Plans

Check our Managed CyberPanel VPS hosting plans with our free embedded Security systems, built for speed.

Plan Ram SSD CPU Bandwidth IPv4 Price Order
KVM SSD 1 1 GB 25 GB 1 vCore
intel i9 12900K
1 TB 1

$12/month Yearly - Save 20%

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KVM SSD 2 2 GB 50 GB 2 vCore
intel i9 12900K
1 TB 1

$20/month Yearly - Save 20%

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KVM SSD 4 4GB 100 GB 4 vCore
intel i9 12900K
2 TB 1

$30/month Yearly - Save 20%

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KVM SSD 8 8GB 200 GB 5 vCore
intel i9 12900K
2 TB 1

$50/month Yearly - Save 20%

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KVM SSD 16 16GB 400 GB 6 vCore
intel i9 12900K
8 TB 1

$100/month Yearly - Save 20%

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Additional Information

  • CPU Information

    Fair Share vCore allocations
    AMD Ryzen 9 series

  • Resource addons

    IPv4: $2.5 per IP/month
    Bandwidth: $4 per TB

  • Jetbackup

    $7 /mo

  • Blesta License

    ₹1050 /mo

Bandwidth information

each per month Shared 1 Gbit/s uplinks
Both in and outbound traffic is accounted.

CyberPanel on VisualWebTechnologies

CyberPanel is a next-generation hosting control panel that provides users with a friendly user interface and popular features.

Why CyberPanel

Why CyberPanel?

CyberPanel provides a one-click installer for OpenLiteSpeed, LSCache, WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla, as well as a variety of other popular applications. The installer also allows you to set up an email service and perform other configuration tasks, so that you can get started using your web hosting services more quickly.

free support for our vps servers

Awesome Tools & Add-ons from CyberPanel Included

The core of CyberPanel which includes creating websites, deploying WordPress, Mautic, etc is completely free and included in our Cyberpanel VPS Hosting plans.

Affordable CyberPanel VPS Features and Advantages

Deploy Enterprise-Level KVM VPS Infrastructure immediately with an SSD VPS in the Germany.

VPS Full Root Access

Full Root Access

Full root access allows total control over your hosting environment, including custom installs and configuration with your virtual private server hosting

VPS ssd disks

SSD NVMe Disk Drives

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a new generation of storage device used in computers. SSDs replace traditional mechanical hard disks.

VPS uptime

99.9% Uptime

Our business-class track record means some of the industry’s best uptime performance. We’re so confident in our infrastructure, 99% uptime guarantee.

cheap vps hosting

Cheap CyberPanel Hosting

The most affordable price to run a CyberPanel Server. You can save hundreds of dollars per month when you compare our prices with another hosting companies.

vps ram

Scalable DDR4 RAM

Growing quickly? Start with 1GB of RAM and easily scale up, quickly and effortlessly from within your VPS control panel, just let us know when you need it.

Unlimited Bandwidth vps plan

Unlimited Bandwidth

There are no limits on the amount of traffic your hosting site or app can receive. Unlimited traffic is free and applies to both incoming and outgoing data.

Custom VPS servers

Custom CyberPanel server

Customize your CyberPanel server based on your website needs. Pick your OS, number of accounts, manage your websites, Litespeed Cache.

vps Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Automated daily backups with full server snapshots and 1-click restore for your Managed VPS server available upon request.

Managed Server

Managed Server

Enjoy friendly, smart assistance from our world-class Technical Support. we keep your server running & up-to-date with security patches, OS updates, and more.

vps review is rated Excellent stars4.9 out of 5 based on customers reviews submitted in stars

Operating Systems to Choose From

Choose from CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE, ArchLinux, Scientific Linux, Slackware.


Virtual Servers Features

Affordable CyberPanel VPS Features and Advantages

Deploy Enterprise-Level KVM VPS Infrastructure immediately with an SSD VPS in the many locations.

Full Support of HTTP/3 & Quic

Complete Administrative Control

With the newest HTTP protocol and Quic support, you can handle a large number of visitors at the same time. It ensures top-speed performance for gaining multiple objects at the same moment, lowest latency, super-fast connections and retransmissions of the lost packets. .

Free SSL

Easy Use Of Dashboard

A free SSL certificate powered by Let's Encrypt is issued by the CyberPanel. Auto-renewals are also enabled by default, renewing your SSL certificate automatically prior to its expiry. An SSL certificate safely encrypts your website data and helps to gain visitors' trust online. .

Cheap CyberPanel Hosting

Selection of OS

The most affordable price to run a CyberPanel Server. You can save hundreds of dollars per month when you compare our prices with another hosting companies. .


Blazing Fast

You should always avoid the risks that are related to testing on your live website. Wait until you do a proper experiment, test and the required changes with the staging environment. And cloning lets you create a complete copy of your site within a few seconds. .

Easy Monitoring of Resources

Solid Security

Easily monitor all the resources included with your CyberPanel VPS hosting account including, memory, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth from the easy-to-use CyberPanel dashboard. You can even restart or suspend or terminate your site, the control is all in your hands. .

Full Root Access

Full Root Access

The full power of the server! Having root access to the server gives you the ability to take full control of your server.



Install the latest Linux Operating System to our VPS hosting servers from the latest Linux distribution. Get the full root admin access to manage your VPS server as you want.

Popular software on Linux
  • Apache/NGINX
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Python
Choose your Linux OS
  • Choice of Debian from 8.x to 10.x
  • Choice of CentOS from 6.x to 8.x
  • Choice Ubuntu from 16.x to 20.x

LiteSpeed Web Server to Score Maximum Performance

LiteSpeed is a high-performance and scalable web server with best-in-class features. It saves resources while maintaining performance, compatibility, and security. Now replace the existing Apache server with LiteSpeed without making changes in OS or other software programs .

You can reach out to us on email and live chat!

You can score the highest performance for your CyberPanel VPS hosting server, with the OpenLiteSpeed web servers. Plus, avoid the need for any third-party caching layer and support state-of-the-art technologies like HTTP/3. Get the speed that your site actually deserves. .

cPanel Hosting India
bare metal Performance Infrastructure

ModSec and CSF Integrated For Peace of Mind from Hackers

The security of your website should be of utmost importance. CyberPanel VPS hosting comes with ModSecurity, a web application firewall to keep your website safe and secure against online cyberattacks. .

With ModSecurity, you can even use CSF with CyberPanel which needs just a few clicks. It adds up an extra security layer that prevents the attacks before they reach the software systems. .

Frequently Asked Questions

CyberPanel is basically a web hosting control panel powered by OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise. It is an alternative control panel to Plesk or cPanel. CyberPanel has important features like FTP server, backups, SSL, PHP management, install, delete, and everything from one panel. Also, you can convert your web server from OpenLiteSpeed to LiteSpeed within just a single click.

If you have sound technical knowledge then well and good. But even if you don't possess technical knowledge no need to worry about it! Because CyberPanel has a simple-to-use graphical interface, and if you have used cPanel before it's more convenient to use..

With us, your CyberPanel VPS hosting account will be set up quickly. As soon as you place the order, our experts will start the setup process right away! You will then receive the login details of CyberPanel so that you can go live with the VPS server.

Here are the steps to set up an SSL certificate in Cyberpanel.
1. You can get unlimited free Let's Encrypt SSL through CyberPanel. Here's how to set it up.
2. Access CyberPanel.
3. From the main menu, select "Websites."
4. Select List Websites and the primary information on your website will appear.
5. To install SSL, select the "Issue SSL" link.

Bandwidth allocation is reset on the first of every month.

VPS is also called as virtual private servers. CyberPanel VPS hosting is where you get the ultimate power of VPS hosting with CyberPanel, a web hosting control panel to manage your websites, entire VPS server, and more. CyberPanel comes with notable features and is powered by OpenLiteSpeed for performance enhancements.
At VisualWebTechnologies, we offer CyberPanel VPS hosting with top-class features to help you get the smoothest hosting experience.

CyberPanel has been able to stand out from the competition in the era when web hosting has been more widely available and, as a result, it has become more competitive as a product.

The panel stands out from its competitors due to its exceptional features. For instance, since OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed is integrated into the core offering, you can immediately benefit from faster website loading times, automatic website optimization, and strong security measures. If you think it's essential, you can upgrade to LiteSpeed with a single click right from the panel.

Let's start by discussing its benefits. Right from installation to website management its interface is regarded as one of its competitive advantages. Installation only requires one command, and the panel is quite user-friendly. The attractive UI makes browsing simple as well.

Additionally, there is a user favorite included: the LSCache module. With this, one can now quickly use the LSCache plugins for automatic website optimization on the well-known CMSs, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, for built-in page, caching, and performance acceleration.

Knowing that any device you use has built-in security protocols is crucial given how frequently intrusions occur. CyberPanel is fortunately loaded with security measures. To begin with, Web Application Firewall (WAF) by LiteSpeed is regarded as the best in its field.
Moreover, OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed is bulletproof to typical PHP and HTTP vulnerabilities, ensuring the security of your website. Be rest assured, knowing you have comprehensive protection against cyber threats with an SSL Certificate that can be quickly added to all of your websites.

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