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Miami Datacenter

Increase your world wide reach with our Miami datacenter. Offer your users and customers lower latency with direct connectivity to 4 continents globally, Inlcuding North America, South America, Central America, and Europe.

Miami, considered the "Gateway of the Americas" offers exceptional connectivity to North America, Central America, and South America. The markets in Brazil and Argentina have recently exploded and there's no better location to tap those markets than in Miami. Being a far east location, Miami also offers great connectivity to Europeon countries to allow for an overall larger reach world wide with minimal to ni sacrifices in speed and overall performance.

Miami Datacenter


The New Your City area has some of the best internet connectivity world wide. With bandwidth connected directly from most large cities in the USA, Canada, Europe, and South AMerica it's popular choice for delivering content around the globe with lower latency

Superior World Wide Connectivity

Whether you're looking to have single digit latency to New York City's financial markets, deliver web sites world wide the faster load times, or have a centralized location for your players then the New York City area is where you want to be! The New York City metro area is connected directly with major data hubs wihin United States, Canada, Europe, And even South America. Direct connectivity means less hops and lower latency to your users.


The EU locations are located in different cities being several hundered kilometers apart from each other, and both powered by different electrcitiy suppliers (SWM and N-Ergie). German offers a strategic location to target key world wide audiences across multiple continents. Reach globally to Western Europe, Asia and Africa with our preium network. Data is safe within our facilities with 24/7 on-site security guards, biometric security and card access.

Germany Munish DATA CENTER

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