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India's Best DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

Our Best SSD Reseller Hosting allows web designers and web developers to sell their own hosting. for 99.95% Uptime.

Cheap Reseller Hosting

Choose Your Best Cheap Unlimited DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting Plans assembled for reliable and long cruise!

Cheap DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting Plans India

Innovative, powerful and reliable Cloud SSD DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting plans to meet any website requirement!
Run your own hosting business with VisualWebTechnologies DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting, powered by cloud providers aroung the globe. Every reseller hosting account is completely white-label, and comes with super-fast SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, free automatic SSLs, and unlimited migrations-in.

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What's included with every DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting plan!

Find all features, plans and features included in our Reseller Hosting offer!

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DA WebShuttle

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DA WebVoyager

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DA WebRaider

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DA Site Carrier

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Web Hosting Features
Storage (SSD) 30 GB 80 GB 120 GB 150 GB
DirectAdmin Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth (Traffic) 1.5 TB 3.5 TB 5.5 TB 7.5 TB
Websites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CPU Cores(per DirectAdmin account) 2 2 2 2
RAM(per DirectAdmin account) 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB
Resource Quotas DA Web Bolt Capabilities DA Web PRO Capabilities DA Web Fight Capabilities DA Web OWn Capabilities
Free Website Transfers 50 60 100 150
Multiple Hosting Locations
Moneyback Guarantee 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
Domain Features
DNS Management
Domain Redirection
Free Private Nameservers
Addon Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains (Aliases) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Caching and Loading Speed Features
Web Server
Web Server Cache Static + Dynamic Files Static + Dynamic Files Static + Dynamic Files Static + Dynamic Files
CloudFlare® Supported Supported Supported Supported
Mod_Rewrite SEO URLs
Browser Cache Optimization
Brotli Compression
Security Features
Network Firewall Imunify360 Imunify360 Imunify360 Imunify360
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Imunify360 Imunify360 Imunify360 Imunify360
Advanced Firewall with herd immunity
Proactive Defense
Next-gen IDS / IPS
Hardened PHP
Brute-Force Protection
Malware Protection
Virus/Malware Scanning
Hotlink Protection
Directory Password Protection
Client Area TFA
Web Hosting Account Isolation
Cloud Linux
Live Server Monitoring 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365
Technical Support Features
24/7/365 Availability
Reachable over Ticketing/Phone/Chat
OpenSource Applications Installation/Update
OpenSource Plugin/Module Installation/Update
Free SSL Installation
Hacked Website Restore
Website Development Assistance
Website Consultation
DirectAdmin - Enabled Features
DirectAdmin Version Latest Stable Latest Stable Latest Stable Latest Stable
1-Click Application Installer Softaculous Softaculous Softaculous Softaculous
Account Restoration from Backup
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Connection Management
File Manager
Directory Privacy
MySQL Databases
Domains / Subdomains / Aliases / Redirects
DNS Zone Editor
Resource Usage
Multiple PHP Versions 8, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 8, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 8, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 8, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6
PHP Version Manager
Cron Jobs
SSL Features
Free SSL from Let's Encrypt
DirectAdmin Auto SSL
Email Features
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarders
Catch-all Emails
Email Aliases
Protocols: IMAP/POP3/SMTP
Email DNS Records(MX/SPF/DKIM)
Outbound Email Filtering Mail.Baby Mail.Baby Mail.Baby Mail.Baby
Email Virus Scanner
GSuite Integration Supported Supported Supported Supported
Email Quotas DA Web Bolt Capabilities DA Web Pro Capabilities DA Web Fight Capabilities DA Web OWN Capabilities
Database Features
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Remote MySQL
Database Quotas DA Web Bolt Capabilities DA Web Pro Capabilities DA Web Fight Capabilities DA Web Own Capabilities
Development Features
SSH/Bash Access
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No additional costs for canceling your service with us - pay for only what you have used!

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Free Website Migration Service

We will ensure the data integrity of your Website during the Free Website Migration provided for every Web Hosting Package!

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7 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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India's Best Cheap DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting Plans

Our Best Reseller Web Hosting India With DirectAdmin Control Panel Powerful multisite unlimited reseller hosting for agencies, designers & IT firms to sell their own hosting.
Visualwebtechnologies cheap reseller hosting india Plans comes with With DirectAdmin Control Panel, Maximum Space and Bandwidth with Your Own Branding & Private Nameservers Starting at ₹ 290.00 Per month. Become your Own webhosting Company with our Best SSD Reseller Hosting Packages or if you are an Web developer you can use the reseller hosting to add extra feature for your new customers !

Addon Services

  • Dedicated IP

    ₹450 /mo

  • JetBackup Access

    ₹325 /mo

  • WHMCS License

    ₹1425 /mo

  • Blesta License

    ₹850 /mo

Additional cPanels

each per month Additional cPanel account.

Why Choose VisualWebTechnologies Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting can be a great way for your agency to focus on your customer's needs without the hassle of server management. Packed full of premium features for no additional charge you can provide your clients with the best hosting experience possible. Small businesses such as agencies, designers, marketers and those with muliple domains, rely on our cloud backed reseller hosting because they have the bundled features most in demand. Backed by our 24/7/365 Managed Support team you can rest assured that your websites are fine and you can focus on your clients.

WHM & cPanel

With cPanel's master management tool- WHM, you can control a few popular and resource-consuming sites and also, a huge number of smaller sites. WHM also allows you to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc. We offer a WHM tool with our reseller hosting plans in india.

100% White Labeled.

We don't want to stand like a wall between you and your customers, that's why you get a 100% White labeled system with all our reseller hosting plans. The complete white label system limits the visibility of your merchant company from your family members so that you can sell the products under your own brand name.

1-Click Installer

Our India's best reseller hosting plans come with a softaculous one-click installer allows you to instalol 400+ applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc in few clicks. You and your clients can install thease applications in few seconds!

99.9% Uptime promise

Our cloud-based infrastructure uses load balancing to distribute the traffic across several clusters giving you the 99.9 per cent guaranteed uptime and the reliability that you need.

100% SSD NVMe Storage

If your choice is supreme speed then SSD NVMe storage is all you need. Traditional HDD drives take you nowwhere, whereas websites stored on SSD NVMe servers speed up the performace of your website. With our best reseller hosting india, your websites are stored on your SSD NVMe storage drives, that means 40x faster website performance.

Tight Protection Against Malware

Our experts keep a close watch on the system, to protect it from the internal and external malware. The websites are auto scanned on a daily basis and if any threat is found we fix it for you to give you extra piece of mind.

DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

DirectAdmin is Included with each and every client or domain you add to your reseller account.

DirectAdmin takes care of all your website management, from creating new email addresses, editing and uploading files to managing your sites backups, DirectAdmin makes hosting management simple for you and your clients.

Creating a DirectAdmin hosting account for your clients is easy and takes just a few clicks. Access and manage your clients sites from a centralised interface.

server room
server room

Why Unlimited Resources Is Important ?

Sit relax and think for few minutes before you decide, as the most of reseller hosting providers are offering almost the same plan along with the same features. Limit you by storage and bandwidth so practically you can't resell in profit. .

How? You can't create a unlimited cPanel/WHM reseller hosting plans. Every time you create a package your storage get locked, no matter a customer using it or not.

We analysis as few provider offering unlimited storage cPanel reseller hosting India but not willing to configured good hardware and infrastructure. Moving on low performance reseller server is always stressful and long terms a headache. That's why we build something for business to business and risk free as monthly to yearly payment options, no lock-in contract so no compromise in hardware and configuration anymore.

Designed by Wordpress Experts

Built for Ultra-Fast Wordpress Hosting, our entire hosting platform has been built with Wordpress at the forefront of everything we do.

With full page caching (powered by ‘Redis’), daily backups addon addiitonal buy, automatic updates by Softaculous and an easy, one-click installation process you can be comfortable knowing your WordPress sites have an excellent home.

Are you Wordpress or Web Hosting Designer / Agency? As a reseller, you can create individual cPanel accounts for each of your hosting clients with simple, one click access to each via the Web Host Manager interface - streamline your day processes and reduce costs.

server room
server room

Ultar-Fast SSD Reseller Hosting

Each and every aspect of your account is hosted on pure. 100% SSD Storage Drives in a RAID 10 for true leading-edge performance.

We use directly attached storage, as opposed to SAN Storage for our shared servers environment to ensure the highest read / write speeds at all times, whilst maintaining incredible redundancy levels for your data throughout.

24/7 Expert Hosting Support Our Customers Love

We prioritize provinding fast and seamless hosting. Our team of experts works round the clock to provide prompt technical assitance, so that your site is up always and running 24x7.

Connect with us through mail, phone or live chat.

server room

Frequently Asked Queries

Need instant answers to your queries? Here are a few instant answers to your questions. Still have questions? Contact us!

Yes, our server is completely white-labeled, All VisualWebTechnologies reseller hosting plans come with 100% White label security, that makes your client believe that it's you working for them. We won't reveal our name anywhere even when you want us to deal with them personally.

Reseller hosting business involves 3 parties - you, your merchant (from where you buy the reseller hosting service) and your clients, where you buy a hosting service from a merchant and then sell it to your customers. Basically, this means that you are reselling the service to your customers and hence, the name is reseller hosting. This is a good option for the aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own web hosting business or current web developers and designers can also add the hosting service to their business.

Due to the nature of the product, we don't offer a demo for our reseller products at the moment.

You will have to provide support to your clients. We only manage the technical and network issues of the server.

Our server is based in Germany.The server has 24 cores, 64 GB of RAM, NVMe SSD storage, and a network speed of 1 GBPS.

Yes, you can create packages or hosting accounts with more resources than the allocated resources to your account.

Yes, as we are strictly against spam, we have installed spam protection filters for both incoming and outgoing mail.

We will transfer up to five of your accounts from the previous host for free. For the remaining accounts, we charge ₹40 per account.

Of course, you get your own private nameservers with your reseller account.

We take a weekly backup of all accounts that can be accessed through the backup addon only.

Why our customers Visual Web Technologies Visual Web Technologies.