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NVMe SSD DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting Powered by CloudLinux & LiteSpeed API

Our SSD USA, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, germany DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting India allows web designers and web developers to sell their own hosting. for 99% Uptime

  • Install WordPress in 1-Click, Website Builder
  • DirectAdmin, LiteSpeed API Technology Web Server, CDN, SSD Disk
  • Top-notch Security, Data Protection, SSL
  • Real Human support
Directadmin Reseller Hosting

Grow Your Business with Directadmin Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting with VisualWeb involves offering customers a variety of Directadmin reseller hosting plans to choose from, as well as providing support and maintenance to ensure that their websites are running properly

India's Best Cheap Unlimited Directadmin Reseller Hosting

Setup a Web Hosting Company & Be Your Own Boss !

No Tricks, No Hidden costs. fixed renewal price! Price Mention In Plans in 3 Years Terms


VisualWebTechnologies Use Advance Technology to make Life Faster and Easier

Our technology helps automate processes, streamline workflows, and provide insights to help businesses make better decisions.

WordPress Optimization
  • Latest and Fastest PHP/MySQL version
  • SSD-only cloud with guaranteed CPU
  • HTTP/2 and free CloudFlare CDN
  • Observer Resource Monitoring
Extra RocketBooster
  • Varnish Static and Dynamic caching
  • LiteSpeed LSPHP Technology
  • Opcode Caching
  • Optimized static content processing

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

VisualWebTechnologies has everything you need to keep your website running smoothly With VisualWebTechnologies, you can easily manage your hosting & secure your website keep your website up-to-date,and much more.

Exclusive Features
  • Daily Backups & free backup restore
  • Security Updates and Patching
  • Performance and resource monitoring
  • Step-by-step Tutorials & Knowledgebase
WordPress Services
  • 1-click WordPress Installation
  • Free WordPress Transfer
  • Themes and plugins installation
  • Malware Scan & Reports

Why Choose DirectAdmin Reseller VisualWebTechnologies?

The most reliable web hosting plans are here to cater all your website needs at one go.

directadmin reseller hosting

Fast and Reliable Web Servers

Start your online journey with VisualWebTechnologies’s reseller plans today. With best hardware essentials in server, we are the most reliable reseller hosting provider in the industry. All our servers are running on SSD that are capable to provide the best hosting experience to you. All your files will be hosted on SSD servers so you get the best performance.

cheap directadmin reseller hosting india

Host Unlimited Website

Our reseller plans come with truly unlimited website hosting. Host unlimited website and packages that are required by you with no additional amount. There are no restrictions for creation of sub domains and addon under a single cPanel account. Start with unlimited reseller hosting today at the most reliable platform of VisualWebTechnologies.

directadmin reseller hosting

One Click Installer

With one click installer like Softaculous and Fantastico you can easily install application and files in just one-click. It eases down the installation of approx. 400 plus applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You and your clients can install these applications in few seconds.

directadmin reseller hosting

Easy to use cPanel

A control panel helps you to make fuller utilization of resources by providing access to you and your clients. With the help of control panel, you can easily manage domains and emails from a user-friendly interface. You are can look after your usage details and other actions that are going with your reseller account with the help of cPanel.

directadmin reseller hosting

DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting With Cloudlinux Features Benefits

Ideal for those who want to take the first steps in the web hosting industry, existing providers who want to consolidate their exisiting clients under one account or web designers who want to offer their clients an all-inclusive design and hosting solution, our DirectAdmin reseller hosting has been designed from the ground up to provide consistent, leading edge performance With Unlimited accounts, Unlimited Banwidth and a huge 500GB of Storage, the Reseller Unlimited powered by DirectAdmin is the low cost, reliable and robust alternative to cPanel.

We Provide Best Quality and Reliable SSD reseller hosting in India and best services maintain, cheap reseller hosting, unlimited Linux reseller hosting, fastest and latest Linux reseller hosting provider.

India's Best & Cheap DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting With Cloudlinux Features Benefits Benefits

CloudLinux OS & CageFS Isolation
CloudLinux OS & CageFS Isolation

Create DirectAdmin accounts for Plan basis from server and host unlimited websites in your linux reseller hosting account.

DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel
DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel

DirectAdmin is an incredibly easy, light-weight and intuitive web hosting control panel for shared and reseller hosting. Founded in 2004, it has evolved strongly with simplicity in mind. You can easily manage your clients, and their websites with it. . .

Fully White Label Reseller Hosting
Fully Private Label Reseller Hosting

We wants you to run your web hosting business in a professional way. We ensure that your hosting clients do not find out that you are a reseller of Visual Web Technologies. We use anonymous DNS, Server Names & more.

24 / 7 / 365 Expert Support & Monitoring
24x7/365 Expert Support & Monitoring

Trained experts are on hand 24/7 to assist you, offer solutions, and any guidance you might need. No matter what it is or when, our technical support team is always available round the clock, even during the festive seasons and holidays.

Free Softaculous One Click Installer
Free Softaculous 1-Click Installer

Softaculous installs applications with a mouse click. It allows automatic installation of WordPress, Joomla, Magento, forums, blogs, and many others without requiring any technical skill. It is a built-in module in our reseller hosting.

Free Rapid Migration/Transfer Support
Free Rapid Migration/Transfer Support

Our competent migration team performs migrations with precision and diligence. We will help transfer and restore your websites, emails, databases, control panel settings, and applications from your old host to us, free of cost.

NVMe SSD Hosting for Blazing Fast Speed
NVMe SSD Hosting for Blazing Fast Speed

NVMe SSD accesses data instantly and simultaneously delivering faster speed, using disk I/O rates and access times that are impossible to achieve with HDD. With NVMe SSD hosting setup, your websites will be faster than any traditional setup .

Imunify360 Anti-Virus & Malware Scanner
Imunify360 Anti-Virus & Malware Scanner

We use Imunify360 anti-virus and malware scanners to check real-time for malware, worm, virus, XSS hacks, suspicious or compromised files, and exploits. The scan logs are manually examined to enforce preventive security measures where necessary.

Free SSL Certificates with Let's Encrypt
Free SSL Certificates with Let's Encrypt

We give you and your clients unlimited free SSL certificates to secure your websites and emails. You can install Let's Encrypt SSL with just a mouse click. SNI is enabled on our servers. Therefore, no IP needed, no hidden cost, and no setup fee.

Cheap Directadmin Reseller Hosting

Web Hosting Made Easy With Directadmin

Get Directadmin access with every web hosting account plan . Add and manage domain instantly with our easy to use graphical user interface.

With Directadmin easily you can manage aspect on your web hosting account. Our Directadmin Linux Web Hosting Offers an extensive range of features that let you administrator every aspect on your website for a web user interface.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, XenForo

CloudLinux Operating System

CloudLinux OS is the leading platform multitenancy. It improves the server stability, density and security by isolating by each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server then a shared hosting account. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates and increases proftability .

CloudLinux OS offers a set of powerful features that greatly optimize performance of our servers. For example, with OptimumCache, you can expect increased server performance, density and reduced server load by 20-30%!

Softaculous Script Installer

At VisualWebTechnologies, gives you the ability installing your favorite software is extremely fast and easy with just one click to your cPanel Account!

When a new version of a software application become available, Softaculous will notify you in email!

Regardless if you are looking for one click install blog hosting, ecommerce hosting, CMS hosting, forum hosting, wiki hosting or other types of application hosting, with a choice of over 400+ popular applications, there's plenty of excellent applications to choose from.

Some of the most popular applications supported by Softaculous include  WordPress Hosting,  Joomla,  Drupal Hosting, PrestaShop Hosting, MediaWiki Hosting, XenForo Hosting and many more!

You can view the full list of applications supported by Softaculous here.

Softaculous Application Installer
DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

DirectAdmin is Included with each and every client or domain you add to your reseller account.

DirectAdmin takes care of all your website management, from creating new email addresses, editing and uploading files to managing your sites backups, DirectAdmin makes hosting management simple for you and your clients.

Creating a DirectAdmin hosting account for your clients is easy and takes just a few clicks. Access and manage your clients sites from a centralised interface.

Fastest Reseller Hosting

Built for performance, our DirectAdmin hosting platform used the Litespeed API (mod_lsapi) for incredible performance on all of your clients sites.

No additional knowledge is required as DirectAdmin provides an incredibily intuitive interface and hosting which fully supports .htaccess files/ rewrites.

Fastest Reseller Hosting India
Samsung SSD Drives Reseller Hosting

Ultar-Fast SSD Reseller Hosting

Each and every aspect of your account is hosted on pure. 100% SSD Storage Drives in a RAID 10 for true leading-edge performance.

We use directly attached storage, as opposed to SAN Storage for our shared servers environment to ensure the highest read / write speeds at all times, whilst maintaining incredible redundancy levels for your data throughout.

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

Our Reseller Hosting provides 256-bit SSL certificates completely free of charge - installed and activated in just minutes.

Let's Encrypt is new Certificate Authority (CA) that offers FREE Secure Certificates that are just as secure as currently paid certificates, and provide the same HTTPS Protection on your Website

Installations are instant, automatically renewed and completely free of charge.

Free SSL Certificates
directadmin reseller hosting

Why Unlimited Resources Is Important ?

Sit relax and think for few minutes before you decide, as the most of reseller hosting providers are offering almost the same plan along with the same features. Limit you by storage and bandwidth so practically you can't resell in profit. .

How? You can't create a unlimited cPanel/WHM reseller hosting plans. Every time you create a package your storage get locked, no matter a customer using it or not.

We analysis as few provider offering unlimited storage cPanel reseller hosting India but not willing to configured good hardware and infrastructure. Moving on low performance reseller server is always stressful and long terms a headache. That's why we build something for business to business and risk free as monthly to yearly payment options, no lock-in contract so no compromise in hardware and configuration anymore.

Designed by Wordpress Experts

Built for Ultra-Fast Wordpress Hosting, our entire hosting platform has been built with Wordpress at the forefront of everything we do.

With full page caching (powered by ‘Redis’), daily backups addon addiitonal buy, automatic updates by Softaculous and an easy, one-click installation process you can be comfortable knowing your WordPress sites have an excellent home.

Are you Wordpress or Web Hosting Designer / Agency? As a reseller, you can create individual cPanel accounts for each of your hosting clients with simple, one click access to each via the Web Host Manager interface - streamline your day processes and reduce costs.

directadmin reseller hosting

Why Unlimited Resources Is Important ?

Sit relax and think for few minutes before you decide, as the most of reseller hosting providers are offering almost the same plan along with the same features. Limit you by storage and bandwidth so practically you can't resell in profit. .

How? You can't create a unlimited cPanel/WHM reseller hosting plans. Every time you create a package your storage get locked, no matter a customer using it or not.

We analysis as few provider offering unlimited storage cPanel reseller hosting India but not willing to configured good hardware and infrastructure. Moving on low performance reseller server is always stressful and long terms a headache. That's why we build something for business to business and risk free as monthly to yearly payment options, no lock-in contract so no compromise in hardware and configuration anymore.

Manage Reseller Hosting India

Best Directadmin Reseller Hosting Features For You

Our Directadmin Reseller hosting features that will increase your website speed by 25x Faster and you get free domain, 24x7 Support, great performance and much more.

website building
Easy-to-use control panel

Optional industry Latest Directadmin and Plesk Web Host Edition available on Linux CentOS. Complete server & Reseller management With Quick Installation.

website building
Daily Backups & 1-click restore

Host your website securely with VisualWeb One-click in restore with daily backup & go back to a earlier version of your website.

website building
Fast SSD NVMe Storage

All our Directadmin Reseller hosting comes with enough storage for your site needs. We offer solid-state drives with up to 25x faster performance & Increase your website load speed

website building
One-click Install

Start your website in just 1 click using popular CMS system. Like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, and many more.

website building
Free SSL Certificate

SSL provides a secure connection to your website, allowing the protection of personal information. With the purchase of any annual hosting plan, you get a free SSL certificate for the first year.

website building
Instant Provisioning

You don't need to wait for your server to be ready. Your cloud server will be ready once your order is confirmed.

website building
99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Never let your website down and never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer. That's why we offer a 99.9% uptime.

website building
Superior Performance

VisualWeb custom-built each server using the latest technology. This allows the flexibility to upgrade the performance server time.

website building
Award-Winning Support

Award Wining Dedicated support is available 24x7 by our Server experts & Technical experts with all our Directadmin reseller hosting solution.

Best Directadmin Reseller Hosting Features For You

Our Directadmin Reseller hosting features that will increase your website speed by 25x Faster and you get free domain, 24x7 Support, great performance and much more.

website building

We keep daily backup copies of your WordPress site.

website building

We update WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected.

website building

VisualWeb is proud to guarantee that our uptime will never drop below 99.9%

Frequently Asked Queries & Answers!

Directadmin Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which a reseller purchases a web hosting plan from a hosting provider and then resells the hosting plan to their own customers. The reseller manages the hosting plans, customer accounts and billing, while the hosting provider provides the server space, technical support and other services.

Directadmin Reseller hosting is a great option for those who are looking to start their own web hosting business or who want to offer web hosting services to their clients. Reseller hosting allows you to purchase a large block of hosting resources to resell to your own customers. You will have complete control over the hosting environment and you will be able to customize the services according to your own business needs.

Directadmin Reseller hosting is a great way for web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to start their own web hosting business. With a reseller hosting account, you can buy hosting services from a larger hosting provider and then resell those services to your own customers. This gives you the ability to offer hosting services to your customers without having to manage and maintain a server.

Yes, Directadmin reseller hosting can be reliable if you choose a quality hosting provider. It is important to research the provider’s reputation and the quality of their services before signing up for a reseller hosting account. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the reseller hosting account is properly managed and maintained.

Trusted By Clients And Industry Experts

We are proud to be recommended by our clients, Partners, and industry experts

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Why Choose Directadmin Reseller Hosting From VisualWebTechnologies?

Look at the 3 points which make us the best Directadmin Reseller hosting provider. These features make our Directadmin Reseller hosting service the most concrete hosting service available.

We know that Fast Directadmin Reseller Hosting is important. VisualWebTechnologies offers the fastest DirectadminDirectadmin Reseller hosting backed up with the fastest web server, Enterprise Lite Speed.

With your Directadmin hosting, you will get NVMe SSD drives that are faster than their predecessors, HDD and SATA.

It doesn’t end here. Once you grab our Directadmin hosting your LiteSpeed Caching technology starts working to give you the most advanced hosting experience.

Security is one of the most important features and we totally understand that. For the best possible security, VisualWebTechnologies offers BitNinja protection with their cPanel hosting.

Your site will be under a secure shell of firewall and this will prevent all the intruders from peaking into your data files.

DDoS protection, Malware protection, and BFA protection everything will be in your hands. You can close your eye and happily rely on VisualWebTechnologies's security.

While you work on your growth, our dedicated team works on providing you with the best Directadmin Reseller hosting experience.

With VisualWebTechnologies you get bilingual support that gives you the most friendly customer experience. Our company offers you multiple ways to contact us.

This is possible as our team is highly knowledgeable who can clarify all your doubts. As Indians, we treat our customers as God so it is our duty to ensure that you get the best hosting experience.

Clear Your Doubts About Best & Cheap Reseller Directadmin Hosting In India

Checkout our frequently asked questions about best & cheap Reseller hosting india and the answers is here.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting business involves 3 parties - you, your merchant (from where you buy the Directadmin reseller hosting service) and your clients, where you buy a hosting service from a merchant and then sell it to your customers. Basically, this means that you are reselling the service to your customers and hence, the name is reseller hosting. This is a good option for web developers and designers or for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own web hosting business..

How do I start a reselling business?

Follow the simple steps to start your reselling business :

  • Research and select the best and cheap reseller hosting company.
  • Select a reseller plan that meets your business requirements.
  • Understand your client base and try to target a new audience that can give you more customer base.
  • Create your own hosting plan with specific resources under your brand name.
  • Decide the price according to your created hosting plans.
  • Start selling the hosting plans among your targeted client base and earn profit from it.

You can attract more clients by offering them unlimited disk space and bandwidth plans.

What are the benefits of reseller hosting?

Reseller advantages can benefit you and your business in many ways such as :

  • It gives you the authority to make independent Directadmin control panels for each of your clients.
  • Its main advantage is, you get to act as a hosting company with your brand name. You don't need to share the money that you make from your business.
  • This can make you easy profits.
  • You are the owner to design the hosting plans and packages that you can offer to your clients.
  • You get the liberty to bill your customers using your unique brand name.
  • Also, you can make up the money that you spend buying a reseller hosting plan from the merchant, by selling your plans to more customers.

How can I make money with reseller hosting?

VisualWebTechnologies Linux reseller hosting plans are least expensive and easy to begin with. Select a reseller plan that meets your business requirements. Under one control panel account, you can set up, manage and operate the backend work of the websites, emails and domain management of your business. You can purchase the Linux reseller hosting from VisualWebTechnologies and add some profit margins to your plans to make money/profit from Linux reseller hosting business.

Will my client know it's me working or my hosting company for them?

No. All VisualWebTechnologies Linux reseller hosting plans come with 100% White label security, meaning- you can add your own brand name and logo. This will help you build your brand identity and they will never know you are the reseller.

What is Directadmin?

Directadmin is a powerful server management interface from Directadmin. It allows you to manage multiple cPanel accounts and reseller hosting business. We provide Directadmin with our reseller hosting plans so that you can create cPanel hosting accounts for every domain that you want to host on the reseller web hosting account.

What features are included under Linux reseller hosting plans?

Some of the common features that you get with the Linux reseller hosting plan are:

  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • SSD Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free softaculous
  • Directadmin
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

Can I upgrade my reseller plan?

Yes, you have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade your Linux reseller hosting plan anytime you want.

Can I use a private name server?

Yes, you can name the server privately. It will surely help you in the branding of your reseller hosting business.

How my client will manage his hosting account?

To help your clients, you can provide the Directadmin control panel access to them so that they will be able to manage their individual hosting accounts.

What is the difference between Reseller hosting and Shared hosting?

Shared hosting

User Base :

Shared hosting is used by individuals and business owners who want to take their website online. You can host as per the resources allocated to you by your web hosting company.

Directadmin :

Shared hosting has one owner and comes with one Directadmin. But, you can definitely host multiple domains on a shared hosting plan by adding domains to the "Addon Domains" section of Directadmin.

Reseller hosting

User Base :

Reseller hosting is a good option for freelance developers who need to host multiple client sites, owners who want to launch multiple projects, or the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their web hosting business. All you have to do is buy a reseller hosting plan and allocate the resources to your customers as per their requirements and sell or price tag them as per your standards.

cPanel :

In reseller hosting also you can host unlimited domains and can set up each domain name with its own Directadmin. In both types of hosting, end users manage their hosting account with the use of Directadmin control panel.

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