Visual Web Technologies Featured On HostingPill.com: How good is this Indian web host?

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Visual Web Technologies review: How good is this Indian web host?

Visual Web Technologies was founded in 2014 and based in Punjab, India.

They provide hosting services and claim it to be the leader in cloud SSD hosting.

So, we at Hostingpill decided to review them and give our frank opinion.

Why should you trust us?

We are into this business since 2015 and more than 5 million readers trust us!

Well, we do have our own set of rules to review the plans and guide you in the best possible way.

Let’s begin!

What is ‘Visual Web Technologies’?

Visual Web Technologies is a hosting company based in Punjab, India and founded in 2014.

Frankly speaking, we could not find their ‘shared hosting plans’ on the website.

Later we came to know that they are bundled under the title ‘unlimited web hosting’.

There is a reason behind labelling it as ‘unlimited’, more about it later.

They have servers in America and Europe and cater to VPS hosting, Shared hosting and dedicated hosting for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Apart from that, it has special plans for business web hosting, Offshore web hosting and DirectAdmin web hosting.

home page

What we found unique to visual web technologies is that they are humane to the pandemic of COVID and hence offered a special plan of shared hosting at much-discounted rates.

This is in addition to their normal shared hosting plan wherein they offer unlimited SSD space.

Even a beginner who is new to the hosting world can opt for the discounted plan and get an idea about the whole process.

We came to know many fascinating things about them which we will discuss in the ‘pricing and features’ section.


uptime guarantee 99.95%

Visual Web Technologies offers an uptime of 99.95%. Uptime refers to the time when your site is visible to the public at large.

Using Hostingpill’s SLA uptime calculator we arrived at how much downtime can be caused by this- in a day, month and year.

‘Downtime’ indicates the time for which the site will go down owing to an uptime of 99.95%.

Uptime calcular using SLA calc

A loss of a single hour can result in a loss of $1 to $5 million in large companies.

Pricing and Features

shared hosting plan

It offers shared/unlimited hosting plans in three categories viz, personal, business and professional.

Although the domain name isn’t free yet there are other features which are common to most of the plans like:

  • NVMe SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Website builder tool
  • Free SSL certificate
  • cPanel
  • Softaculous
  • MySQL database
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free migrations

The company uses NVMe SSD disk space instead of SAN storage for shared servers. That makes it fast and reduces data redundancy.

The pricing of the product varies from $0.90 per month to $4.48 per month for different packages.

special pricing offer

The above is also a shared hosting plan but at a discounted price.

All the features listed above are the same here except the fact that the SSD space is limited.

SSD differs for each of the plans opted. Also, it does not come with a pre-built website builder tool in case you decide to opt for a discounted plan.

So even though the price of the package is quite low, you need to ponder on the above points before you decide to buy the plan.


Visual web hosting uses Litespeed technology which is excellent for PHP performance, causing a low memory footprint.

Litespeed technology also helps to provide great security and sharing for opcode caching.

One more benefit of Litespeed technology is that it leads to high performance rather than Apache with mod-PHP. It is easy to install rather than Php-fpm and easily integrates with the control panel.

It helps to design more stable and dynamic web pages.

The website can be customized and designed using the Sitepad website builder tool which is included in the package.

Ease of use

We could find all the required things in the right place and the website is easy to navigate.

A cPanel is your base of operations when operating the backend of your website. This is the place where you spend 90% of your time while managing and running your site.

The only problem we faced initially is that we could not find their shared hosting plan easily.

This was so because they have labeled it as ‘unlimited hosting’.

Probably they labeled it that way because all the features which they offer are ‘unlimited’.

The rest is all fine!

Visual web technologies got an award from Finances Online in 2019 for ‘ best usability’. We think that is sufficient to prove our point.


Customer support

customer care

Customer support is one of the features which is not considered to be of utmost importance by all of the people.

But at times, when you land into trouble, it becomes an essential feature.

Well, to test their support features we had a brief chat with them.

The chat support was excellent.

live chat

A lot of times, chat clients are not real people but chatbots – replying canned responses.

But we found that the chat representative- Ashish, with whom we talked with was REAL & responsive with his answers.

We asked him about the link of shared hosting plans, security features, storage, etc.

On a technical side, we just asked him ‘what is NVMe SSD?’, but Ashish could answer all the questions.

You can see it from the screenshot attached below of the chat transcript.

email chat transcript

It has an extensive list of articles in the knowledge base section to guide the user.

For support, we can use live chat options, call them or raise a ticket.

What we found unique with Visual Web Technologies is that it offers support via an SMS too via the ‘Text to Ticket’ option.

It offers multilingual support in English, Hindi, and Punjabi language.

SMS support


We were happy to learn that Visual Web Technologies use ‘Sitelock Security’ for protecting the websites.

sitelock security

Apart from the above, they have constant checks for the Malware attacks. If found they are automatically cleaned and intimated to the user via an email.

Free SSL certificates make the site trustworthy and help it to rank in Google.

According to Google’s security blog, HTTPS is one of the features to look into if you want the site to rank on Google.

ssl and malware security

According to the terms and conditions of Visual Web Technologies, the website owner is responsible for taking backups of his data.

back up of data


Now, comes the final verdict.

Do we recommend Visual Web Technologies or not?


They have excellent uptime and excellent support.

The security features are good and the pricing is reasonable.

Rather for a new-bee who just wants to test how things move, we recommend using their cheap hosting plans.

They do help in site migrations and if at any time you feel, you can update your account for more scalable features.

The best part, they offer multi-lingual support viz, English, Hindi, Punjabi.

On the flip side we feel that the user needs to take care of his back-ups himself and the hosting service provider does not do it.

Also, in case you want to activate the ‘live chat’ every time you need to fill in the details of your name, email and contact number. That is quite troublesome.

Apart from the above two issues, we didn’t find anything else objectionable.

So, we think you can try their services and do let us know in the comment section your views regarding the same.

Visual Web Technologies Was recently Featured On HostingPill.com

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