How to setup CSF Firewall in VPS/Dedicated servers

  • It is most important to survive your e-commerce business and produce product successfully in the market you need to maintain your platform or workplace full secure and confidential that provide you safe and secure channel without any type of risk. You can reduce chances of risk to installing CSG (Config server Firewall) It is one f the best to maintain activity and provide security well. Today we will go to discuss about how to install CSF in your Linux VPS, You should consider these points which I am going to explain in the answer below-


Step 1. You should update your application to the new version of the system, to make it real you need to type a command-

Update system-  “yum update”

After the hit on the command, you will see that your system will be updated successfully, you can config their authentication and firewall gives you response updated your system.

After this procedure, you should navigate your root directory

Command – “cd /root”

Make sure that you are entered in your root directory, Now you can install CSF from your official websites under your are/directory.

You can use the command- ” wgethttps://download.configserver.com/csf.tgz”

Note you will get here archive package from the site, then you need to unpack archive package and system fetching your data automatically

You should use this command to unpack file–  “tar –zxvf csf.tgz”

Then you should enter in the newly created directory o your Linux VPS

Command– “cd csf/”

Now you can start installation script with following steps-

Command– “sh install.sh”

After 5-10 second your CSF (Config server Firewall)  installed successfully  on Linux VPS

If you like to stop CSF then you should use this command on Linux VPS

Command– ” /etc/init.d/csf stop”

To restore CSF in Linux VPS you should use a command

Command-  “/etc/init.d/csf restart”

You most replace IP address with your actual Address, It’s important please do not forget.

Command- "csf -r"
No you make it successfuly with these steps, I hope it will help you lots.


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