How do I choose a right web hosting service?

Q. How do I choose a web hosting service?
👉 The best way to choose a web host is by figuring out what your hosting needs are then finding the right fit.

  1. Find a reputable hosting company.

Things that a reputable company offer are:

Good Value: Prices and features are competitive with similar hosting plans.
Speed: How fast your web pages load. This keeps your visitors from fleeing and helps with Google page rank.
Support: 27/7/365 Phone Email and Chat support
Uptime: How long your site is online – look for no less than 99.95% uptime. Preferably 99.99%.
Security: Read reviews – do others complain about getting viruses or malware even though they secure their sites well.

  1. Find a hosting package.

There are quite a few hosting packages and the one you choose will depend on:

The technical requirements of your website.
Your technical ability.
Your budget.
Types of Hosting Packages

Managed and Unmanaged

This determines who manages the server software installs, updates, and security patches.

Managed: The host manages the server.
Unmanaged: You manage the server.
*Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server packages usually give you a choice. Shared hosting is always managed.

*If you don’t have systems administration skills, you’ll want to choose managed.

Common Hosting Packages

Dedicated Server

A server that is completely dedicated to your website. Choose this if security is highly important, you’re a startup business that’s growing fast and can afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Similar to a dedicated server but you share the server hardware with other VPS accounts. Choose this option if your website is growing fast, you need a good performance and you can pay around forty to fifty dollars a month for a managed account.

Shared Hosting

Hundreds if not thousands of websites share the same server hardware. This is good if you’re just starting your website or have very little traffic. These plans cost from three to fifteen dollars a month.

  1. Compare similar hosting packages.

Let’s say you’ve decided a shared hosting package is a way to go. Now figure out what you value:

Best Support Services

You want your hosting company to be able to help you with almost any problems that arise, but you still want a really good network.

Start by looking at VisualWebTechnologies :

  1. Dedicated server hosting.
  2. Shared hosting.
  3. SSD/ KVM VPS server hosting.

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