5 effective strategies to drive high quality traffic to your new website

5 effective strategies to drive high quality traffic to your new website

You’ve just finished the work on your brand new site, what’s next?

It’s time for your new primary best marketing tool to start generating your customers. Here are 6 perfect quality starting points for discovering how to attract website traffic.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the strategy of ranking your website on search engines and generating high quality traffic that is relevant to your business.

Google is the internet’s most popular search engine and it is estimated that there are around 63,000 search queries per second on any given day.

The basics of performing SEO include:

  • Find relevant keywords with good traffic potential.
  • Create and optimise pages for both search engines and users alike.
  • Create compelling content that will provide users with an answer to their query
  • Make sure your website is accessible to both the bots and the people.
  • Build relevant links to other high-quality websites.

We have some further great resources on SEO in our blog:

2. Google Adwords (Paid Search)

Paid search is a digital marketing strategy used by advertisers to position advertisements on the Search Engine Results Pages ( SERPs) and pay for the contribution earned from those advertisements.

Unlike SEO, paid search is a faster way to generate traffic to your website and is a very effective short term strategy if you have the expertise.

By using Google Adwords, you are able to create your advertising campaign within the dashboard and start bidding for keywords related to your business. For example, if you are a retailer of Men’s Trainers, you may input brands of specific trainers such as Nike or Adidas.

3. Facebook

There are 1.73 billion active Facebook users in any given day, and this is growing rapidly every year.

It’s key to get Facebook traffic to your blog and website. Irrespective of the content of the blog posts you publish, your efforts as a marketer fail without readers.

Facebook traffic offers an amazing opportunity to increase the level of quality visitors to your website.

4. E-mail marketing

You can also increase traffic to your website through email marketing, this is the process of emailing your existing database with the following information:

  • A big welcome to any new subscribers
  • Informing consumers about new goods and improvements
  • Announcement of commercial deals
  • Provision of instructional materials

As long as your e-mail copy is convincing enough, e-mail marketing will easily get users to check out and explore your website further. While you’re going to have to tackle e-mail writing, services like MailChimp and Constant Touch are making the formatting and design process a breeze.

5. Get involved in online discussions

There could be many customers on the internet asking questions about your industry and products. One of the best places to ask about something online is Quora.

Do you see any questions that are relevant to your website? If that is the case, you should create a profile and reply accordingly. This does not mean, however, that you should be overly promotional about your website. You can only connect to your site where appropriate; this could be in your profile information, or in any reference where you have a connexion to a related web page or blog post.

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