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How to Add a Site Redirect in DirectAdmin?

With a site redirection, URLs will be redirected from one folder to another folder/domain. For example, redirect to

1. Login to your DirectAdmin account.

2. Go to Account Manager and click on Site Redirection.

site redirection min 1024x134 1

3. Click on the Create New Redirect button.

create new redirect min 1024x154 1

4. The Add New Redirect window will get displayed. In this window, you need to fill the below fields:

Screenshot 1 7
  • Local URL Path – Here you will need to add the path that will be redirected. The path can be for a file or a directory.
  • Redirect Type – You can select one from three options here: 301 Permanent302 Temporary or 303 Replaced.
  • Destination URL – It is the new or destination URL.

5. Here we have redirected the to After filling all these fields, click on the Create button.

6. You will get a message as Redirect Added and also, see the redirect in your Site Redirects window as below:

Screenshot 2 3

7. Now for testing the new redirect in your web browser. Here we browsed and it got redirected to The blog folder content gets displayed.

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