Another cPanel Announcements Price increase is coming from 2021

cPanel has announced a price hike yet again that will become in effect in January 1, 2021. In an email to NOC Partners, they said it is needed in order to make sure customers get the best possible product experience. cPanel further cites the speed enhancements and meaningful improvements they delivered in the last 12 months. According to cPanel they aim to increase product performance and developing features to generate more value for the customer.


For licenses with up to 100 accounts, the increase is around 10%.

The price change will hit harder larger business with more accounts such as hosting providers and shared hosting users with lots of accounts. For bulk licenses above 100 users, the price increase is significant: 50% increase per account for end users and even worse for NOC partners – 75% more per account. They stated they will review the prices annually, so we can expect changes in the next year too. And it probably won’t be a decrease, but yet another hike. This will be passed on to the end users and will have an enormous impact on the market for cheap web hosting (hint – it won’t be that cheap anymore). 


Check out the new licensing guide effective from January 1, 2021.


This comes only a year after the last price change, which included a new pricing structure based on accounts count. And last time, the web hosting community was outraged and did not receive the news well. Many argue that cPanel is using the big market share it has in the web hosting industry to enforce price hikes. Yet there are many features that are highly requested by users for years and are still not being developed. These significant price changes are driving more and more users to other web panels such as DirectAdmin that provide good value for money. 


We hope that development will really follow the price and the product will be greatly improved in the next months. Otherwise, this will further incentivise users to migrate to other web hosting panels.

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