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We offer affordable & flexible month to month billing web hosting plans start Rs 30/- per month with a whole range of features such as FREE Monthly Backups, Free SSL Certificates, SSD Space, Drag & Drop Website Builder, cPanel, Wordpress, Opercart etc.
Get speedy and reliable shared monthly hosting services with lifetime SSL certificate, 24x7 priority support, 30-day money-back assurance and guaranteed uptime.

  • Install WordPress in 1-Click, Website Builder
  • cPanel, LiteSpeed API Technology Web Server, CDN, SSD Disk
  • Top-notch Security, Data Protection, SSL
  • Real Human support
Buy Plan Rs 60 or above
Starts at
30 /month
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Choose Your Buy Cheap Monthly Web Hosting Plans

Offering India's per month or monthly web hosting Plans or flexible monthly hosting plans with Free Website Builder & SSL Certificate.

Get started with web hosting today without committing to a long-term investment. You now have the opportunity to host your website with monthly payments as low as Rs. 29. This means anyone can kickstart their online business or blog without the need for upfront yearly payments.

All Monthly Hosting plan are hosted with CloudLinux Server .With CloudLinux, you'll have access to a wide range of features, including a PHP selector that allows you to choose from various PHP versions. Additionally, you can easily manage PHP extensions right from your control panel. Enjoy the flexibility and control that CloudLinux brings to your web hosting experience.


VisualWebTechnologies Use Advance Technology to make Life Faster and Easier

Our technology helps automate processes, streamline workflows, and provide insights to help businesses make better decisions.

WordPress Optimization
  • Latest and Fastest PHP/MySQL version
  • SSD-only cloud with guaranteed CPU
  • HTTP/2 and free CloudFlare CDN
  • Observer Resource Monitoring
Extra RocketBooster
  • Varnish Static and Dynamic caching
  • LiteSpeed LSPHP Technology
  • Opcode Caching
  • Optimized static content processing

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

VisualWebTechnologies has everything you need to keep your website running smoothly With VisualWebTechnologies, you can easily manage your hosting & secure your website keep your website up-to-date,and much more.

Exclusive Features
  • Daily Backups & free backup restore
  • Security Updates and Patching
  • Performance and resource monitoring
  • Step-by-step Tutorials & Knowledgebase
WordPress Services
  • 1-click WordPress Installation
  • Free WordPress Transfer
  • Themes and plugins installation
  • Malware Scan & Reports

Best monthly Shared Hosting India Features For You

Our monthly cPanel Shared Hosting India features that will increase your website speed by 25x Faster and you get free domain, 24x7 Support, great performance and much more.

website building
Easy-to-use control panel

Optional industry Latest cPanel/WHM and Plesk Web Host Edition available on Linux CentOS. Complete server & Reseller management With Quick Installation.

website building
Daily Backups & 1-click restore

Host your website securely with VisualWeb One-click in restore with daily backup & go back to a earlier version of your website.

website building
Fast SSD NVMe Storage

All our Shared Hosting india comes with enough storage for your site needs. We offer solid-state drives with up to 25x faster performance & Increase your website load speed

website building
One-click Install

Start your website in just 1 click using popular CMS system. Like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, and many more.

website building
Free SSL Certificate

SSL provides a secure connection to your website, allowing the protection of personal information. With the purchase of any annual Shared Hosting plan, you get a free SSL certificate for the first year.

website building
Instant Provisioning

You don't need to wait for your Shared Hosting to be ready. Your cloud Shared Hosting will be ready once your order is confirmed.

website building
99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Never let your website down and never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer. That's why we offer a 99.9% uptime.

website building
Superior Performance

VisualWeb custom-built each server using the latest technology. This allows the flexibility to upgrade the performance server time.

website building
Award-Winning Support

Award Wining Dedicated support is available 24x7 by our Server experts & Technical experts with all our Shared Hosting solution.

What You Get With Efficient monthly Shared Web Hosting?

  • We serve you with all your requirements. It does not matter whether you have a small business or a big portal. We have strong data centers to meet the needs of our clients.
    fast website hosting

    Scalable hosting

    We serve all - small businesses or big portals

  • You can now easily manage the whole website with a graphical cpanel. You don't need anyone to do minor tasks as you can do that easily and quickly. We provide you with one of the advanced control panels with Linux hosting.
    cpanel icon

    Free cPanel

    Easily Manage Website with cPanel

  • An SSL certificate means your website is a trusted source. With our hosting plans, you will get a Free SSL certificate without any hidden costs.
    sni icon

    Free SSL certificate

    Get free SSL certificates with our hosting plans.

  • We prioritize your hosting experience on our server and strive to deliver excellence. Our team of expert is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance and resolve any issues you may face.
    customer support icon

    24x7 Support

    We offer round-the-clock tech support

  • Our linux shared hosting plans come with cPanel,one click installer that allows you to easily install over 300 applications such as worldpress, joomla and more. This integrated tool simplifies the installation process, making it quick and effortless.
    softaculous logo

    Easy 1-click-installer

    380+ apps by Softaculous ready to install

  • A wide variety of businesses trust Linux when it comes to building solutions. Linux is the most secure platform and we ensure that your website remains safe and secure behind the strong firewalls.
    small cloudflare logo

    Safety and security

    Our strong firewalls keep your website safe.

  • We understand how difficult it gets when some infected files penetrate your account. With our plans, you get free malware scanning to keep you safe from infected files.
    hosting setting icon

    Malware Scanning

    We offer free malware scanning to protect you from infected files.

  • We understand your business needs and how important it is to send emails every day. With our hosting plans, you don't have to worry about the number of emails as you can create unlimited emails..
    ssh logo

    Unlimited Emails

    Our hosting plans allow for unlimited email creation

  • The uptime guarantee of 99.99% the legacy of VisualWebTechnologies aloof from the other Web hosting providers in the market.
    website wireframe icon

    Uptime Guarantee

    VisualWebTechnologies hosting Server 99.99% uptime

  • Your VisualWebTechnologies Shared Hosting order comes with the assistance of an account manager who will facilitate the seamless transfer of your website from cPanel hosting with another provider. This migration service is entirely free of charge. At no cost!
    website hosting switch icon

    Free Website Migrations

    Your account manager will migrate your website.

Best monthly Shared hosting Features For You

Our monthly Shared hosting india features that will increase your website speed by 25x Faster and you get free domain, 24x7 Support, great performance and much more.

website building

We keep daily backup copies of your WordPress site.

website building

We update WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected.

website building

VisualWeb is proud to guarantee that our uptime will never drop below 99.9%

The Technical Specifications Of monthly Linux Shared Hosting


  • Softaculous Apps Installer
  • PHP PEAR Packages Installer
  • Perl Module Installer
  • Multi PHP 7.x and 8.x


  • MySQL Databases
  • MySQL Databases Wizard
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Remote MySQL

Additional Software

  • MultiPHP INI Editor
  • MultiPHP Manager
  • Optimize Website
  • ionCube Loader


  • IP Blocker
  • Lets Encrypt™ SSL
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Leech Protection

Web Hosting India | VisualWebTechnologies India is rated Excellent Web Hosting 4.7 out of 5 based on more than 135+ reviews submitted in Web Hosting Reviews trustpilot | VisualWebTechnologies India

Why Choose monthly Shared Hosting From VisualWebTechnologies?

Look at the 3 points which make us the best monthly cPanel Shared Hosting provider. These features make our cPanel Shared Hosting service the most concrete hosting service available.

We know that Fast monthly cPanel Shared Hosting is important. VisualWebTechnologies offers the fastest cPanel Shared Hosting backed up with the fastest web server, Enterprise Lite Speed.

With your monthly cPanel Shared Hosting, you will get NVMe SSD drives that are faster than their predecessors, HDD and SATA.

It doesn’t end here. Once you grab our cPanel Shared Hosting your LiteSpeed Caching technology starts working to give you the most advanced Shared Hosting experience.

Security is one of the most important features and we totally understand that. For the best possible security, VisualWebTechnologies offers BitNinja protection with their cPanel hosting.

Your site will be under a secure shell of firewall and this will prevent all the intruders from peaking into your data files.

DDoS protection, Malware protection, and BFA protection everything will be in your hands. You can close your eye and happily rely on VisualWebTechnologies's security.

While you work on your growth, our dedicated team works on providing you with the best cPanel hosting experience.

With VisualWebTechnologies you get bilingual support that gives you the most friendly customer experience. Our company offers you multiple ways to contact us.

This is possible as our team is highly knowledgeable who can clarify all your doubts. As Indians, we treat our customers as God so it is our duty to ensure that you get the best Shared Hosting experience.

cpanel hosting india cpanel hosting india cpanel hosting india cpanel hosting india

Fast and Reliable cPanel monthly Hosting.

Our monthly Web hosting solutions are tailored to meet your needs. We offer fast reliable hosting on secure web server. Plus, cPanel makes site maintenance easy with Control Panel access. Together, cPanel and VisualWebTechnologies shared hosting is the best option for easy-to-manage web hosting. .

  • Manage everything from website files to email accounts to cron jobs
  • Easy to use and navigate from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Dozens of features, including 200+ one-click installs
Explore More
cPanel Shared Hosting

CloudLinux Operating System

CloudLinux OS is the leading platform multitenancy. It improves the server stability, density and security by isolating by each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server then a shared hosting account. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates and increases proftability

CloudLinux OS offers a set of powerful features that greatly optimize performance of our servers. For example, with OptimumCache, you can expect increased server performance, density and reduced server load by 20-30%!

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, XenForo
Softaculous Application Installer

Softaculous Script Installer

At VisualWebTechnologies, gives you the ability installing your favorite software is extremely fast and easy with just one click to your cPanel Account!

When a new version of a software application become available, Softaculous will notify you in email!

Regardless if you are looking for one click install blog hosting, ecommerce hosting, CMS hosting, forum hosting, wiki hosting or other types of application hosting, with a choice of over 400+ popular applications, there's plenty of excellent applications to choose from.

Some of the most popular applications supported by Softaculous include  WordPress Hosting,  Joomla,  Drupal Hosting, PrestaShop Hosting, MediaWiki Hosting, XenForo Hosting and many more!

You can view the full list of applications supported by Softaculous here.

Looking For Faster Optimised Designed by Wordpress Hosting Experts ?

Built for Ultra-Fast monthly Wordpress Hosting is proven to be up to 480% faster*, Built our entire wordpress hosting platform has been built with Wordpress at the forfront of everything we do. Our Worpress hosting includes features that you can't find anywhere else: a website speed-focused plugin, WordPress staging, a WordPress Tools dashboard and more.

With full page caching, automatic updates by Softaculous and an easy, one-click installation process you can be comfortable knowing your Wordpress websites have an excellent home,

Wordpress Web Hosting India
Hosting Experts

Introducing India's Best monthly Web Hosting

Lightning fast website load times delivered by VisualWebTechnologies high-performance server. Business class reliability with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by a friendly and personable Support Team availble 24x7 to help you and your business

All of India's monthly Web Hosting Includes cPanel Control Panel, Nvme SSD Hard disks, friendly in house 24x7 email support and 99% uptime guarantee.

Ultra-Fast SSD Storage Drives

Each and every aspect of your monthly account is hosted on pure. 100% Nvme SSD Storage Drives in a RAID 10 for true leading-edge performance.

We use directly attached storage, as opposed to SAN Storage for our shared servers environment to ensure the highest read / write speeds at all times, whilst maintaining incredible redundancy levels for your data throughout.

Samsung SSD Drives
Free SSL Certificates

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

Our Unlimited monthly Web Hosting provides you full 256-bit SSL certificates completely free of charge - installed and activated in just minutes.

Let's Encrypt is new Certificate Authority (CA) that offers FREE Secure Certificates that are just as secure as currently paid certificates, and provide the same HTTPS Protection on your Website

Stuck With your old web host ?

Not any longer. We'll trabsfer your account for free. We can migrate all of your files, database, email addresses and website settings efficiently and easily. Dont't let an unreliable web host slow you down on your journey to success!

Visual Web Technologies will migrate your website 100% free of charge . The best part is that every monthly web hosting that we offer plan has this feature by default.

Web Hosting Migration
Faster Web Hosting India

Faster Website Opening

Built for performance, Maxstack by VisualWebTechnologies offers unparalleled performance for your reseller hosting. Fully optimised 'nginix' and faster PHP execution with mod_lsapi - our server preconfigured for almost any type of website

No additional knowledge is required due to the way in which we use Nginx as a proxy to Apache, this means you use your account the same as you would with any other provider. The only difference is the enahanced performance.

Unlimited monthly Web Hosting

Our unlimited monthly web hosting account features unlimited MySQL databases, domains, emails and traffic along with the ability to host and unlimited number of domains.

Your account data will be entirely provisioned on pure RAID10 SSD Enterprise drives offering up to 28x the performance of standard hosting.

Unlimited Web Hosting
Cheap Web Hosting, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, XenForo

Cheap monthly Web Hosting

Our customers from 56 different countries, who trust us to host over 8000 websites for them.

Our cheap web hosting plans don't necessary mean your going to be getting a "cheap" product. Our products are maintained just like any other web hosting company, we even do it more strictly than most web hosts. We strictly maintain our technical support to be one of the fastest in the industry with response times of as low as 15 minutes.

Visual Web Technologies Hosting's cheap hosting plans are hosted on servers that run the latest server hardware, including Intel® Xeon's and Intel® AMD Ryzen Series NVMe Solid State Drives. We also run premium software such as Softaculous on our servers, this allows our customers to easily install applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and 200+ others in just a few clicks within cPanel.

So what are you waiting for? Starting from just $1 web hosting, try us out by clicking here!

#1 India's Best Shared Web Hosting !

Shared web hosting plans

Hundreds of five-star Ratings. Every day!

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Trusted By Clients And Industry Experts

We are proud to be recommended by our clients, Partners, and industry experts

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Monthly Web Hosting Plans FAQ's

Our web hosting company provides India's monthly or per-month web hosting plans, along with a Free Website Builder and SSL Certificate. In addition to providing the most powerful and highly efficient monthly web hosting, we also try to keep the pricing as affordable or cheapest as possible.

Our Monthly Web Hosting Plans are similar to our normal linux shared hosting plans. However, we have created a monthly web hosting plan so that users can purchase a hosting plan on a per month basis rather than annually. We recommend buying yearly plans as you will get more benefits as you will have free website migrations, better discounts, and more. This is well-suited for testing our services and for people cannot afford yearly plans or do not want to pay their hosting bill annually. our monthly web hosting plans becoming more affordable and more pocket-friendly than ever before, a lot of users now have access to hosting their websites without any issues. Now you can build your own website without any issues and create an online presence with our monthly web hosting plans. With this risk-free hosting plan, you can pay monthly (monthly to month) without any long-term commitment, and you can cancel at any time if you do not want to use or required but plans are non refundable. With Monthly Hosting, the customer can pay for hosting (invoices) on a monthly basis without committing to a long-term plan. This is a flexible web hosting option. Our drag-and-drop website builder allows you to build hundreds of static websites using the website builder and 700+ templates for just Rs 30 per month. The website builder lets you build hundreds of static websites with the help of the page builder and 700+ templates for just Rs 30 per month. You can even install free SSL certificates, wordpress, opencart etc using Softaculous & cPanel, for wordpress or other CMS we recommend you to use plans Rs 60 and above as it required at least of 1Gb of space.

The purpose of a website is to provide people and businesses with an effective way to market and sell their products and services to the local and international markets, as well as to connect with new customers online. A website introduces someone's business or organization to the worldwide market, helps them market and sell their products and services, and connects them to new customers. visualwebhosting offers a whole new solutions for website & online presence, along with domain, monthly web hosting, business emails, VPS, SSL Certificates etc.

There are several ways to host a website on a shared server, including monthly plans. Monthly Plans are a type of shared web hosting where the user shares resources with other websites on the same server. The cost is divided among all the users on the same server since there are many websites hosted on it. In this way, you can have your own Web Hosting space, along with the necessary resources, for a very low cost.

Are you looking for a monthly hosting plan, so that you can use on month-to-month basis hosting plans since many people are looking to pay monthly instead of all at once, so a month-to-month plan would be the perfect choice for you. A yearly payment plan may bind you to the provider for several years, while a monthly payment plan does not bind you to the provider for a long period of time. Therefore, monthly web hosting plans can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. As the best value for money hosting option, it is also the cheapest option available for products and services. Therefore, check out our monthly hosting plans, and select the one that matches your budget. You can benefit from monthly hosting plans if you need an ecvisualwebmical & budget-friendly plan. Additionally, you don't need to pay extra for server maintenance services and you don't have to lock yourself into a long-term commitment. While monthly plans may appear a bit more expensive than annual ones, but you get more value-added features by choosing monthly plans. Additionally, the monthly plans are very simple to use, so it is also the best option for beginners. Moreover, these plans are cheaper, which means that you can cancel the plan anytime, or switch to the other plan if needed. Therefore, by choosing the monthly option, you also have the option to switch plans. In this way, you can expect a great performance from the month-to-month hosting plans. You also get all the features you need to grow your business or project. So, what’s the wait for! Choose the visualwebHOSTING monthly web hosting plans today and get amazing benefits for your site.

We have monthly hosting plans that are very simple to use. Simply log in to our site and choose the package that best suits your needs, and complete the payment. Additionally, you have several safe payment options, such as net banking, debit and credit cards, Paytm, PhonePe, etc. Once the whole process is completed, select the payment option and proceed with the payment. Using the products and services that are included with your plan is easy, fast, secure, and reliable. In addition to providing further support, we have affordable monthly hosting plans that cover the needs of our diverse clients. In order to help you grow your business effectively, our team works hard. Our plans are designed to meet the various needs of our clients. We do not negotiate on quality, so we don't compromise on quality. You also get amazing services and features for the price you pay, so you can fully rely on us for the best hosting and ecvisualwebmical packages.

Our monthly web hosting plans are extremely affordable, have multiple features that meet even your most demanding needs, and are among the cheapest and best in the industry. We provide several reasonable monthly hosting plans, such as static sites, WordPress sites, and multiple sites. Aside from providing the fastest and most user-friendly web hosting platform around, we have a dedicated team dedicated to working closely with you so that you can succeed with your online projects, and all our plans are fairly priced and packed with useful features. As a result, you can take your business online with our best web hosting products. We have various kinds of hosting options, and our hosting plans have been curated to suit the needs of our clients. We strive for 100% customersatisfaction. Because of this, we do not compromise the quality of our plans and services. Our monthly web hosting plans are great even for beginners; therefore, they can easily try our cheapest plan and switch to the one that is suitable for them. The hosting plans we offer range from the lowest prices to premium plans, which makes it easy for customers to choose the plan that best suits their needs. We also provide ticket-support, fast live chat & call support 11 AM to 7 PM. Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction, so we offer the best hosting plans to satisfy your needs in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, our plans are affordable and cover a wide variety of useful features. Our main objective is to maintain the availability of your website as much as possible, which we accomplish through our uptime guarantee. The range of products we offer is extensive. Additionally, our round-the-clock services are always available to help our customers. We are constantly striving to expand our products and services for our customers, as well as offering plans that are easily affordable for everyone. So, our services and products are of the highest quality and we offer reasonable plans.

Yes, The upgrade process is completely free. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. You can be sure to be satisfied with all your needs of advanced level hosting for your website with our amazing advanced-level hosting packages. We will assist you when upgrading your packages if your website needs more RAM or CPU than a monthly web hosting account can provide. If you want to upgrade your web hosting package, our customer service team can assist you. Additionally, we offer more advanced hosting packages for those customers who need more resources, for example Business Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, or Dedicated Server Hosting. You can view our hosting plans and features on our website. Our team will be happy to help you to choose the cheap & best web hosting plan for your needs & websites.

Even though it's best to purchase a domain and hosting from one provider for seamless transitions, you can still purchase our monthly web hosting plans if you already have a domain. The only thing you need to do is point your domain to our web hosting by nameservers and wait until propagation is completed. We offer a range of hosting services and domain starting at Rs 99 per year, which you can check on our visualwebhosting Offer Page. Your domain should be purchased along with your hosting package when purchasing hosting, as this will ensure that you have full control over your website.

Yes, It's possible to make monthly payments with our monthly packages. It is a low-risk option that will allow you to cancel at any time and also implement upgrades to your selected package as soon as possible. Also keep in mind that we do not offer a refundable service with our monthly plans. There are many reasons why people prefer monthly payments rather than yearly payments; yearly payments may also tie them down for a while; therefore, monthly web hosting plans are of great importance for you & You can choose from our various monthly hosting plans, depending on your budget. The monthly hosting plan is the best option and offers the best value for money. After the expiration of the hosting plan, a 10 day renewal period applies to the monthly hosting account. In order to avoid getting suspended from the service, you need to renew your hosting account before the due date. For this reason, you should purchase a yearly hosting plan.

Whenever you sign up for one of our monthly hosting plans, you'll receive a free SSL certificate that will convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS. In this day and age of increasing cyber security risks and awareness, it has become increasingly important that a website has a good SSL certificate. We will give you great impression to your user & user will feel safe because of having SSL to your webiste.

In addition to Softaculous and WordPress auto-installers, we also offer cPanel and other similar control panels that can be used to automate the installation of commercial and open source applications on a website. Softaculas commands can be executed through a control panel such as cPanel or other similar interface tools. One of the most popular CMSs (Content Management Software) out there is WordPress. It is free for everyone and can be installed easily. Softaculous is an auto-installer that installs a wide variety of software applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, PHP, Drag & Drop Website Builder, and more.

No, We do not offer SSH, Node Js or Python services for Monthly Web Hosting Plans. If you require SSH access, you can request it with us if you are having our Business Hosting Plans, VPS Web Hosting, Cloud Dedicated Server and Dedicated Servers. SSH access is disabled by default, but can be enabled on request as a security precaution.

We provide an easy-to-use Drag & Drop Website Builder with 700+ themes to allow you to create and design any type of blog site. The site builder also offers a variety of restaurant websites. Using our Drag & Drop Website Builder, you can design a website quickly and easily without needing to know any coding. We provide multiple types of sites, including blog sites, portfolios, travels,business, restaurant etc websites. If you are not familiar with how to build your own website, don't worry; our builder will help you. We now offer a Website Builder plugin that allows you to make a website in seconds with a Website Builder, which has more than 700 ready-to-use themes. Our website builder can provide you with categories such as Blog, Portfolio, Restaurants, Travel, and many more that can meet your requirements if you are planning to start a blog or create a restaurant website. The Website Editor allows you to style and design your website, choose a theme, customize the text content, and pick images. All themes are responsive. Create beautiful websites in minutes with this simple drag-and-drop application. Publish regular new content on your blog, add social media links, edit and delete menu itemsby using Drag & Drop Website Builder.

It is recommended that users buy Plan Rs 60 or above plans for WordPress websites/ plans with 1GB of storage or more rather than 100mb of storage because WordPress websites require at least 1GB to function properly or smoothly. WordPress websites require at least 1GB storage or more for optimal performance. In addition to monthly web hosting plans, Wordpress can be downloaded and installed on them, but we do not recommend users to use Rs 30 plans for this purpose since 100 MB of storage is not enough for a WordPress website. The best way to host your blog is through monthly web hosting. In fact, WordPress is one of the easiest technologies because it doesn't require coding skills or web design knowledge. WordPress is an open-source content management system that began as a simple blogging platform. You don't need any experience with web design to create a WordPress website. WordPress offers a variety of customization options, so regardless of your experience with web design you can design anything you want. It was originally designed as a simple blogging platform but now you can build any kind of website you want with WordPress. There is a wide range of useful features offered by WordPress, such as plugins, themes, and extensions. With this free tool, you can create websites, blogs, communities, and networks.

As there are many factors that contribute to the load on servers, it's difficult to predict how much traffic they can handle. This includes traffic management capacity, website code, code configuration, image optimization, cdns, database size, coding language, uses of plugins, themes are optimised or not, how well written code are etc. If your code is well optimized and well written, then our servers can handle beyond 1500+ visitors per day comfortably. Furthermore, we have observed that every website performs differently on the same server, and that some users can get 5000+ traffic a day nothing happen, whereas others websites don't even able to handel or manage a single visit due to their heavy website code & large database size, so it's hard to predict how much traffic a server can handle. If you want more traffic management, you can choose one of our business web hosting packages, VPS, cloud servers, etc, which can handle up to 3000+ visitors.

Please submit a support ticket if your website suddenly stops working. Our team will address this as soon as possible and notify you once the problem has been resolved. Furthermore, our team can assist you in resolving any website problems you may encounter. If, however, your website crashes due to a web code issue or code error, you will have to resolve the problem yourself. You should always keep a copy of your web hosting account for your own security. If you prefer not to buy paid backup services, than take backups or create backups by yourself manually or use third-party software.