GPU Dedicated Servers

Robust Powerful GPU Dedicated Servers

Looking for a powerful, energy-efficient, and dedicated high-configuration GPU server? Look no further than our NVIDIA-powered GPU Cloud servers! Perfect for scientific and advanced computing, AI, ML, and DL applications, these servers provide unbeatable performance and reliability. Get your project up and running quickly with our simple setup and configuration process.

Our GPU Plan comes with-

  • NVIDIA's A5000 - Powered GPU Servers
  • State-of-the-art Tier IV India-Based Data Center
  • Top Performance with AMD EPYC Processors
  • Ultra-Fast SSD Storage, Upto 1 Gbps Network Speed

Rent Dedicated Server With GPU

1 Month @
48,500 /mo
SAVE 10%
  • 24GB GPU Memory
  • 8 vCPU
  • 32GB RAM
  • 800GB SSD Space
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Network Speed
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Linux OS
1 Month @
89,500 /mo
SAVE 10%
  • 48GB GPU Memory
  • 16 vCPU
  • 96GB RAM
  • 1.6TB SSD Space
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Network Speed
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Linux OS
1 Month @
99,500 /mo
SAVE 10%
  • 72GB GPU Memory
  • 24 vCPU
  • 120GB RAM
  • 2.4TB SSD Space
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Network Speed
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Linux OS
1 Month @
1,65,500 /mo
SAVE 10%
  • 96GB GPU Memory
  • 64 vCPU
  • 255GB RAM
  • 3.2TB SSD Space
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Network Speed
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Linux OS

NVIDIA GPU servers offers Great Features

Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU servers graphic cards are the perfect balance of Performance and power. It is a robust yet advanced Graphic Card which is designed for professional use especially for our technology friendly generation.

Accelerating your Workspace

  • 8192 Cuda Cores
  • 256 Tensor Cores
  • 24 GB DDR6 Memory
Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU | Visual Web Technologies
Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU | Visual Web Technologies

Harness the power of RTX A40 GPU

The RTX A40 GPU server is a versatile solution for modern data centers and professionals across industries. Leveraging NVIDIA's advanced Ampere architecture, it offers exceptional performance and reliability.

  • • High-Performance Computing : Optimized for scientific simulations, data analytics, and deep learning, the RTX A40 server accelerates complex calculations.
  • • AI and Machine Learning : With dedicated Tensor Cores, it excels in AI workloads, ideal for researchers and AI projects.
  • • Professional Graphics : Delivering top-tier visuals and real-time ray tracing, it's perfect for design and 3D rendering.
  • • Energy Efficiency : Designed for data center efficiency, it maximizes computing power while minimizing energy use.
  • • Flexible Deployment : Supports various form factors and standard infrastructure for IT flexibility.
  • • Remote Accessibility : Enables remote work with high-performance computing resources.
  • • Security : Ensures data protection and industry compliance.
RTX A40 GPU | Visual Web Technologies

World-Class Tier 3 & Tier 4 Data Center

We have collaborated with leading data center service providers in India to deliver highly secure and stable infrastructure. Start your rapidly growing web projects with our ultra-scalable, robust power, high-speed bandwidth, redundant network and world-class data centers.

Yotta NM1, Mumbai
LNT NMP-1, Mumbai
  • State-of-the-Art Tier-3 & Tier-4 Datacenters.
  • Space available for 72,000 racks.
  • Expansive 24 Acres of Datacenter space.
  • Up to 10 Gbps Network Speed.
  • Robust 50 MW Power Capacity.
  • Full SSH Root Access.
  • Unmatched Security Standards.
  • Comprehensive DDOS Protection.
Yotta Datacenter | Visual Web Technologies
  • State-of-the-Art Tier-3 & Tier-4 Datacenters.
  • Space available for 285 racks.
  • Expansive 15,000 sq.ft. of Datacenter space.
  • Up to 10 Gbps Network Speed.
  • Robust 2 MW Power Capacity.
  • Full SSH Root Access.
  • Unmatched Security Standards.
  • Comprehensive DDOS Protection.
LNT Datacenter | Visual Web Technologies
Looking For Custom GPU Dedicated Server?

Let's chat with our hosting expert and discuss your requirements, We will share the best commercial in the Industry !

Scenarios for Utilizing Dedicated GPU Hosting

Gaming & Video Editing | Visual Web Technologies

Gaming & Video Editing

A dedicated GPU server for gaming and video editing is essential. It elevates graphics, accelerates rendering, and enhances productivity.

AI & Machine Learning | Visual Web Technologies

AI & Machine Learning

Dedicated server with GPU enhances AI by parallel processing, drastically speeding up training and data-intensive tasks, making them essential for data-intensive tasks in these fields.

Scientific Computing | Visual Web Technologies

Scientific computing

It is ideal and beneficial for scientific simulations that require parallel processing and enormous computational power.

Industry Application | Visual Web Technologies

Industry Application

It may also be very significantly helpful for Healthcare,Finance, Manufacturing and automobiles industries.

What if we say you are getting all in one here GPU Servers?

GPUs are now becoming more and more important in the modern era. Conventional CPUs runs across a series of tasks and involves a lot of interactivities, GPU on the other hand breaks complex problems into millions of separate tasks and work on all of them altogether. Compared to the GPU, which can do thousands of processes simultaneously, the CPU can only manage a small number of them. The combination of parallel processing, faster performance, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency makes GPUs a more practical choice for many businesses, particularly for those in fields such as finance, scientific research, and AI. ?

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Pricing
Intel Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz+ HT 16GB(DDR2) 1TB SATA 20 TB Included $169/m Order Now
Dual Intel Xeon 5520 2.26Ghz + HT 24GB(DDR3) 500 GB SATA 20 TB Included $180/m Order Now
2xE5-2660 Dual 2x3.06GHz Turbo + HT 64GB(DDR3) 1TB SATA 20 TB Included $290/m Order Now
2xE5-2650 3.2Ghz + HT 128GB(DDR3) 2TB SATA 2 TB Included $320/m Order Now
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 3.3Ghz + HT 16GB(DDR3) 2TB SATA 20 TB Included $180/m Order Now
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3 3.3Ghz + HT 16GB(DDR3) 2TB SATA 20 TB Included $230/m Order Now
Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 4x3.6GHz 16GB(DDR3) 2TB SATA 20 TB Included $290/m Order Now
Intel Xeon E5-2637v2 3.3Ghz 32GB(DDR3) 1x 3TB HDD 20 TB Included $390/m Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use GPU server?

    To get started with VisualWebTechnologies's GPU server hosting simply order on our website as per your requirement and our support team will setup the dedicated server with GPU within 24-48 hours. Once you have to Login access details of your GPU server you can setup your applications and use our GPU server.

  • What are GPU servers used for?

    You can use GPU Server for gaming, AI/ ML, Computer Vision, Game Development, Big Data Analytics, 3D Model Rendering, and Video Processing. Their parallel processing capabilities excel in handling intensive computations, leading to improved graphics, faster data analysis, and quicker model training, making them indispensable in modern computing environments.

  • What is a GPU server?

    GPU is Graphics Processing Unit, which offers increased power and speed to run your intensive computer tasks, Such as Video rendering, Graphics rendering, 3D modeling, Big Data Analysis, AI/ ML programs etc.

  • Can I get a free GPU enabled server for free?

    VisualWebTechnologies offers free trial of our GPU enabled servers for 24 hours. You can request our sales team if you would like to try the GPU enabled servers.

  • What are the benefits of GPU Dedicated Server?

    GPU dedicated servers offer several benefits :

    - Faster Data Processing: For tasks like video editing and data analysis, GPUs expedite rendering and analysis, reducing processing times and improving productivity.

    - Parallel Processing Power: GPUs excel at parallel processing, allowing them to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and accelerate computations for tasks like AI, machine learning, and complex simulations.

    - AI and Machine Learning: GPU servers significantly speed up model training in AI and machine learning, enabling quicker development and deployment of sophisticated models.

    - Complex Computations: They handle complex calculations, cryptography, and decryption tasks more efficiently than traditional CPUs.

    - Enhanced Graphics: GPU servers improve graphic performance in gaming, rendering realistic visuals, high frame rates, and smooth gameplay.

    - High-Performance Computing (HPC): GPU servers contribute to HPC clusters, accelerating scientific and engineering computations.

  • What is the difference between CPU and GPU?

    CPUs core serial processing techniques perform only one task at a time, but GPUs parallel architecture cores will perform multiple tasks at a time.

  • Why do I need a GPU Server?

    You need a dedicated GPU server hosting to accelerate tasks that require intense computational power, such as machine learning, deep learning, data analysis, scientific simulations, graphics rendering, and real-time processing. GPUs excel at parallel processing, making them essential for faster and more efficient execution of these tasks.

  • Why should we choose a Visual Web Technologies GPU dedicated server?

    Choosing a GPU dedicated server provider is a crucial decision that directly impacts the efficiency and success of tasks requiring significant computational power. Visual Web Technologies stands out as a potential choice due to its commendable technical support and cheap GPU server.

  • How many GPUs can be added to a Server?

    Single server can support multiple GPUs, it can go upto 4 in higher plans.

  • Will my GPU server be virtualized?

    No, GPU servers cannot be Virtualized.

  • What model of GPUs do you have available?

    We have multiple cheap GPU hosting plans that can meet your requirements. Our plans offer flexibility and affordability for audience who are looking to harness the power of dedicated server NVIDIA GPU for tasks such as machine learning, data analysis, simulations, and more.